authorChronicle Staff June 18, 2010


Capping a prolific career as a track athlete at Millbrook High School, senior Darnell Cummings signed a national letter of intent to attend the University of Connecticut on a partial track scholarship. The signing, held on Thursday, June 17, 2010 in the high school library, was attended by Darnell, D. J. to those who know him, his proud mother and an equally proud aunt, Principal Dr. Christine Ackerman, Athletic Director Brian Devincenzi, many coaches including Track Coach Trace Keller, several members of the staff, and a handful of D. J.’s peers. Also, on hand for the signing was a representative of the MSG Varsity network and some members of the local press. D. J. inked the letter at 10:04 to end a very exciting recruiting process.

As if winning the 100 and 200 meter titles at the state meet and solidifying his college plans were not enough to accomplish in a week, Mr. Cummings was named the Poughkeepsie Journal Male Athlete of the Year this week. This is an illustrious and appropriate honor for the fine young man with the million dollar smile. Congratulations, D. J. and best of wishes for the future!

AP Tests Loom Over MHS Students

authorChronicle Staff April 20, 2010

By Kristin Schaad

The Advanced Placement tests are coming up and students certainly have mixed feelings about them. APs are mainly taken by juniors and seniors, and look very good on college resumes. The main objective of AP students is to get a 4 or 5 on the exam, which will (in most cases) excuse the student from having to take the same class in college. The juniors all typically share the same nauseating anxiety about their upcoming tests. Studying, cramming, reviewing, and totally freaking out are without doubt going to be their main activities of the next few weeks. Seniors, on the other hand, have been through the whole process before and are cool, calm and collected. The seniors have realized the tests aren’t as horrific as they once expected them to be, and therefore take a more peaceful approach to the upcoming tests. We will most likely crack open a book or two here and there, but we aren’t going to spend hours reading entire review books the night before the exam. It is safe to say that there is a major discrepancy in the mind-sets of the juniors and seniors regarding the impending Advanced Placement tests.

Millbrook Varsity Softball

By Allison Reid

The Millbrook varsity softball team has been working throughout March, preparing for their season. Under the supervision of new coach Michelle Traudt, the girls have improved their skills and are prepared to welcome the games that lay ahead. MHS softball is also pleased to announce another new addition to the program; manager of the varsity team, senior Emily Walenta. Composed of almost all returning players, the players are working on building off of last year and doing their best this season.

Coaches: Michelle Traudt and Paul Relyea

Manager: Emily Walenta

Seniors: Katie Raylor, Allison Reid, Lucienne Parinello, Regina Stewart, Kelly Letizia, Kaily Ritz, Ashley Johnson, Rachel Antunovich

Juniors: Sunit McDermott, Zoe Sachs, Kelsey Relyea

Sophomores: Becky Baldwin, Samantha Lape, Anna Meyer

Freshman: Megan Revay

Eighth Grade: Bailey King

An Interact Club Update

By Sarah Powers

Looking for something to do?
The Lunch Box needs YOU!!!

Bring canned goods to the library during April!
Bring hangers to the library during April!
Volunteer your time!

The Interact Club is planning on sponsoring a collection of clothes hangers, glass coffee pots, and plastic take-out containers for the Lunchbox in Poughkeepsie. A couple of Interact members had volunteered their time to serve lunch, and realized that the organization is in need of a few simple items. We’ve decided to start a collection for them, and bring the donations to the Lunchbox. The collection bins will be in the library for the next couple of weeks, if you would like to donate. If you have any questions, please see Jessica Powers.

Grace Church sends volunteers to the Lunch Box every month, usually during the third weekend. At 9 am on Saturday, everyone cooks the meals for the Lunchbox at Grace Church on Franklin Avenue, and on Sunday at 11:30 the Scooby Doo van will leave to deliver the food to the Lunchbox. Volunteers are needed to help serve food. It is a lot of fun, so if you are interested please contact Mrs. Roach (who is the contact at Grace Church) at or Mrs. Bondus (who is the Interact’s representative at Rotary) at We hope to see you there!

During National Library Week (April 11-17), Mrs. Tremaine is planning on having a canned food drive for local food pantries. The collection will be held in the library. As a part of National Library Week, if you bring in a can, you get your name entered in a drawing for prizes. Please donate only non-perishable food items during this week.

MHS Students Attend 36th Annual NHSMUN Conference in NYC

By Julia Ouimet

On the morning of Wednesday, March 17th, 31 anxious juniors and seniors awaited the arrival of the bus that would transport them down to New York City for the purpose of attending the National High School Model United Nations Conference, hosted at the Hilton New York. Posing as delegates from Norway and New Zealand, the students were well researched in their respective country’s international positions and political opinions, and ready to express them during committee sessions.
Students from all over the US, along with quite a few international students, came to NHSMUN with the intention of solving global issues while maintaining an assigned country’s stance. Allison Reid-who, with partner Daniel Hurley, represented Norway in the Legal Committee-addressed the legal aspects of odious debt. “Committee sessions are rather lengthy, but you meet a lot of new people and learn a lot about international affairs and parliamentary procedure,” says Reid. Over the course of the four day conference, she and fellow delegates worked together to create a comprehensive resolution that focused on defining, preventing, and alleviating odious debt.Emily Walenta, of the New Zealand delegation to the UN Social Humanitarian and Cultural Committee, recognized the necessity of teaming up with other nations in order garner support for a proposed resolution. She, with partner Caitlin Dignan, tackled the human rights implications of foreign direct investment and formed a front with delegates from Italy, Canada, and Tanzania to better emphasize New Zealand’s position regarding the involvement of certain Southern Hemisphere nations in the global economic market.

Many of the Millbrook students attending the conference were new to the club this year. Rita Ouimet, a junior and first-time NHSMUN attendee, mentions that “the overall procedure takes some getting used to, but you pick it up by the later sessions. Everything is very formal and must be done a certain way, which makes NHSMUN a good representation of the goings-on of the real UN.”

Many students, staff, and faculty advisors at the conference agree that Model UN is a great way to educate youth on the problems facing the world today. As Director General Jerry Guo mentioned in his closing remarks, we live in a broken world, but the international cooperation promoted by organizations like NHSMUN and IMUNA (NHSMUN’s NGO sponsor) provide hope for the future. “Model UN brings together our nation’s top scholars and gives them an opportunity to delve into real-world issues and come up with appropriate solutions,” says Ryan Parker, vice-president of the Millbrook club. “The things these students accomplish could possibly have an impact on today’s world, if applied.”

Best Dressed Teacher of the Month: Mr. McPherson

authorChronicle Staff April 12, 2010

By Julia Ouimet and Kristin Schaad

Upon hearing that the editors of the Chronicle voted him Best Dressed Teacher of the Month, Mr. McPherson admitted he was quite flattered. “I don’t like spending a lot of money on clothes, I just like to match,” he says. And match he does; looking dapper in a mauve shirt, black slacks, and a tie that pulls the ensemble together.

The consistency in McPherson’s excellent shirt-and-tie combinations is what set him apart this month. “If I’m going to be out and about outside of school, I like the idea of looking like a professional,” he says. “When I was a new teacher, I had a coworker who dressed very well, and I got the impression that wearing a shirt and tie every day gave a certain seriousness to the class.”
When asked about his favorite fashion era, McPherson paid homage to the suit styles of the 1920s. “I like the whole idea of a matching hat. I mean nobody could really pull that off nowadays but it’s still a nice idea…”
Want to get the McPherson look? “Macy’s,” he says, “has the best sales.” He also frowns upon shopping online because “stuff just never fits right.”
While we applaud McPherson’s keen eye for color and professional approach to fashion, there are some accessories he just can’t make work. “I wish I could pull off the suspenders like Mr. Shanley,” he says.

MHS Drama Clubbers Suffer from Post-Play Depression

By Tess Dunlap

The Millbrook High School Drama Club executed a fabulous production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast a few weeks ago. However, some participants are suffering from “post-play depression,” as many call it. From the unexpected emptiness of actually going home right after school to the anticipation of next year, Drama Club students are both sad and excited, most notably Dan Hurley.
“I just had so much fun!” says Hurley, fresh from his role as Lumiere in the production. “Then the next day it hit me: I will never be a candle again.”
His thoughts about next year? “We’re losing a lot of great seniors on both cast and crew, but we’ll do the best we can.” Well, we’re all sure it’ll be great, Dan.

Celeb Gossip: Music Review & Update

By Jonathan Campbell

The music industry is bustling with activity as spring rolls around. All the major record labels are wondering who will be the next big hit and which artist will make it to the top. Additionally, Itunes held a “Countdown to 10 Billion Songs” contest. The music retailer’s 10 billionth song downloaded, “Guess Things Happen That Way” by Johnny Cash, was downloaded by Louie Sulcer of Woodstock, Georgia. As the grand prize winner of Apple’s 10 Billion Songs Countdown contest, Louie will receive a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card. Congratulations Louie! Moreover, the Black Eyed Peas “I Gotta Feelin’” became the single most downloaded song in Itune’s history! (It is a great song, I might add). Anyway, here are Billboards Top 10 picks for this week:

1. Rude Boy - Rihanna
2. Nothin’ On You - B.o.B Featuring Bruno Mars
3. Hey, Soul Sister - Train
4. Need You Now - Lady Antebellum
5. Telephone - Lady Gaga Featuring Beyonce
6. Break Your Heart - Taio Cruz Featuring Ludacris
7. Imma Be - Blackeyed Peas
8. Baby - Justin Bieber Featuring Ludacris
9. BedRock - Young Money Featuring Lloyd
10. Tik Tok - Kesha
Music Review:
I personally think the list of top 10 songs this week is fresh; it gives us a breath of fresh air from overplayed songs that were just holding on too long to the charts. I enjoy the upbeat “Hey, Soul Sister,” (which features both the ukulele and a fabulous beat) because it is guaranteed to put you in a good mood. I also rather enjoyed Nothin’ On You, which is classic bubblegum music; sweet lyrics and a catchy beat make his song great to listen to. “Telephone” and “Imma Be” are two great dance songs that no party should be without, and Rihanna once more puts out a song that further accentuates her sexy “bad girl” image. As for the rest of the songs on the list, you will just have to check them out for yourself
Lady Gaga has once again made headlines, this time for her controversial music video for Telephone. The video was reportedly banned from MTV for being too vulgar and sexually suggestive.

Horoscopes: December 2009

authorChronicle Staff December 23, 2009

By Anna Gagnon

Aries: As the stars align around Neptune between the 27th and the 30th, be prepared for a love encounter. However, be wary of jilting those close to you as you chase these new feelings. Beware the Macho Nachos this month.

Taurus: The moons of Jupiter will fall into orbit on the 26th. Get ready for materialistic temptations that may cause you to spend frivolously. However, never underestimate the power of a good outfit or the potency of an ugly one.

Gemini: This month will bring great hardship. Although with heartfelt effort, and the help of loved ones, there will be no consequences. Be sure to join FarmVille this month.

Cancer: The future is blurry, invest in contact lenses.

Leo: This month will be particularly overwhelming. The long lists you have for holiday shopping will eat at you. Luckily you have close friends and family who will offer you their help. Keep your guard up for a potential Jingles encounter this month.

Virgo: Get ready for action this month on the 31st. It will show your strength, courage, and your affinity for wet cats.

Libra: Although the year is coming to an end, you will finish with a bang. Be prepared for a life changing experience that will pave the way for a new you next year. Be sure to buy a ten piece nugget meal before the end of the month. FREE CUP!

Scorpio: The stars are quiet for you this month. However, they do indicate that you should watch out for Mr. Keller.

Sagittarius: Fail.

Capricorn: You will get a visit from an unlikely person this month. Stay away from public restrooms.

Aquarius: Happiness is upon you this month, although the ingestion of dairy would almost mean certain and swift unrighteous downfall.

Pisces: As the winter solstice passes, you will encounter a new feeling of family closeness that will bring you much cheer this holiday season. Watch out for knees.

Disclaimer: I have no knowledge of astrology, nor do I have any psychic abilities.

Editorial - A Small Dose of Panic

authorChronicle Staff December 22, 2009

By Julia Ouimet

For seniors in Millbrook High School and around the country, it’s crunch time. Most applications are due in January, and by now we’re supposed to have asked for recommendations, written our essays, and thoroughly researched which colleges will broaden our intellectual perspectives. Thirteen years worth of academic achievement must be condensed, sealed up an a few yellow envelopes, and mailed off to be reviewed by people who know nothing about us.
There are two kinds of high school seniors in the world. The first kind takes things one at a time, has a plan, and isn’t phased by minor difficulties that crop up along the way. The other kind-the kind I can relate to-is so stressed out by the big picture that they forget to make a plan, and ends up scrambling just to keep track of everything they have to do, let alone actually do it. If this is you, too, you probably thought you’d have all your essays written and all of your applications filled out by the time you got back to school in September. When that didn’t happen, you aimed to have everything done by Thanksgiving break. When that rolled around, and you concentrated more on eating pumpkin pie than writing that ever-important Common App essay, you figured you had a whole month to sit down, reflect on your life, and knock off a page or two on something deeply meaningful. Wait a minute, one month? That’s all the time you have left?
Procrastination is a delicate art. In order for it to have its full effect, equal parts of studiousness, laziness, and distraction must be mixed together and sprinkled with a small dose of panic. Maybe saving the college requiring three supplemental essays for last was not such a good idea, but there’s no excuse now; it’s do-or-die time. If your editorial for the school paper has to be rather brief because you actually do have three supplemental essays to write, then so be it. No matter what kind of senior you are, it’ll all get done in the end, one way or another.

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